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Panoptive Explained

How We're Different

Analyst We're focused on making your data as fast as possible to access. And we've carried that notion (the importance of speed) to our implementation as well. We target 1 day for getting initial metrics in production, and continue to build from there.

A recent study confirms analysts spend more than half their time accessing, blending, and preparing data. But whether you're a data analyst, or the CEO, you care about your ability to get to quality data quickly.

Lack of data access tops the list of cited issues.

Our solution specifically addresses these problems

  • Faster access to more data to answer questions
  • Extremely simple access to the data you've pulled before
  • Ensure consistent data usage
  • Data Quality
  • Data Consolidation
  • Automation of Mundane Tasks

What We Do

    Connect to your data
    Automatically build thousands of metrics from that data, with minimal required data preparation
    Keep an eye on those metrics for you... all of them
    Highlight when anomalies occur
    Provide a platform for you to view the metrics and anomalies
    Include your business events (marketing campaigns, major product releases, ...), so you understand your metrics & KPI's in context

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Fast Implementation

We've refined our process to require only the absolute minimum upfront effort per dataset.
Our product does the rest.
No custom ETL needed, even for your custom databases.


52% of organizations blend more than 50 data sources to enable analytic capabilities.
34% blend 100+,
12% blend 1,000+
* Source: Forrester

With our high speed implementation, we help clients gain visibility over more of their organization. You can't achieve a comprehensive view unless you can get there quickly.

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When trends are down, you want to know why.
Our platform allows you to track business events, and show those relevant events alongside your KPI's, which can help explain your trends.

  • A website downtime could explain a drop in sales.
  • A hurricane hits Florida, and stores could be closed.
  • A large campaign push in the prior year comparable period.
These business events can be tracked.
Tribal knowledge can be shared.


Sometimes even the most basic understanding of KPI's can be lacking. The Panoptive platform provides for robust data definition at 3 levels.

  • Definition of the facts
  • Definition of the dimensions
  • Definition of the values within the dimensions

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We understand that data needs to be shared, and pervasive throughout your organization. This ensures that data is used more often, and used consistently.
So we don't use "per user" licensing.
Everyone is licensed for access. (Users can still be restricted based on need)

Application Aware

Ability to track definition and context is one thing. But when your KPI reporting application is aware of it, the story starts to come together, and you can see this context, in the context of your reports.

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In many organizations, analysts are used to manually build out KPI reporting in spreadsheets. This is a process that's

  • Inefficient
  • Error prone
  • Usually not frequent enough
  • Not enjoyed by the analysts
  • Not the best use of their time
KPI automation allows for more frequent, consistent updates of your data.

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